The foolish person seeks happiness in the distance, but the wise one? Grows it under their feet.  And we always make it to this crescendo after a breakup, where your ex has a decision to make. They had 2 options, 1? Is going to work on themselves, you know, put in the work that’s required to heal correctly. The hope is they try to figure out if they were at fault for the breakup, what they can fix internally, and what expectations they have out of a new partner.


Or there is always option number 2, which is hitting the escape hatch on accountability. They can hop right into the new rebound relationship, with the same rebound they conveniently became committed to days or weeks after the breakup. But in reality? Was actually the same rebound they were cheating on you with the whole time… Yeah that. But then becomes decision making time, because an ex that runs for the hills after the relationship and directly into the arms of another person? Hasn’t fixed a damn thing, and not only that, they are setting themselves up for the okey doke.


See your ex coming back now, reaching out, texting, emailing, liking your pics, asking how u been, asking friends and family about u? Ain’t nothing but an admission of guilt and unsureness. The same kind of guilt and unsureness they had during the relationship. Doesn’t make sense yet? Let me explain.


See while your ex started randoms unnecessary and manufactured arguments during the relationship, it was because they felt guilty, and the only solution when u feel guilty about something is to try and justify the decision right? I mean here they were going behind your back, cheating, lying, and then coming home to tell you that you’re “just too much”, delusional, that they’d never do such a thing.


While their inconsistent ass actions are showing you the exact opposite. And when we talk about unsureness? Your ex doesn’t know what they want, and they are proving that to you by randomly reaching out. While they are posting happy pics, said all the mean shit they said to you during your relationship? They also behind the rebounds back. Think about how spineless you must be to do that to the same person you did wrong..


The math ain’t really mathin’ is it? How and why would they hit you up now? Well, because of comfort. Consider that! The fact that you even received a message, and didn’t have them blocked already? The fact u even considered responding? After the disrespect they showed you on their way out the door, when they seemed distant, lied to u, and caused you heartbreak? Now they feel comfortable enough that you’ll answer? While they in a whole new relationship?


What does that show you? Exactly, they think they can come back whenever they want, because you love and still care. So now YOU got a decision to make. Are you gonna’ allow someone like that back in your life? Are you gonna’ validate your ex with a text back? Are you gonna’ waste time tryna’ get closure or an explanation? Or? Are your boundaries strong enough now, your heart full of self-love enough, and your mind filled with maintaining your peace enough? That u ignore, block, and keep moving on with your life? Choose wisely.


Stay Inspired,


Marcus Weaver,
Weav Told Me LLC.
Sunday June 6, 2024