Virtual Coaching Services

*Gold Package


3 Sessions

When one session just isn't enough! Sometimes my clients need more than one session to help with their situations. Included in this package is three 45-minute sessions, email support, AND short term goal setting.

*You are the longest commitment you will ever make.

*Email Coaching


Email Sessions

At your convenience we can communicate effectively and freely. During email coaching we will discuss your concerns and strategize just as if we would in person or virtually. We will then outline an action plan in order to help accomplish your goals.

*30-Minute Session


Power Session

You know you better than anyone, so with this session it allows us to get right down to business. The 30-minute coaching session will help identify your concerns, provide you with both guidance and feedback on how to accomplish your goal.

*60-Minute Session


Extended Session

A full 60-minute coaching session will help us to identify your concerns and provide you with guidance and feedback. We also want to develop an action plan on how to proceed in accomplishing your goals moving forward. If time permits, we will also have a Q&A.

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