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Specializing In Breakups and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery:

Trauma Informed

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Breakups & Toxic Relationships

"Where you are isn't who you are."

If you're here it means you're trying to figure out next steps after a breakup, dealing with a toxic partner, or need relationship guidance. I won’t sugarcoat it, your journey to bouncing back won’t be easy but with the proper attitude, self-awareness, and perspective you WILL get there and I will help you! Tap in…

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Coaching Services

Virtual Coaching

Convenience is important to us all. My goal is to make coaching sessions both comfortable and convenient. All private one on one coaching sessions are done virtually, via zoom. It's incredibly simple! I have clients all over the world, from Pittsburgh to South Africa. Distance means so little when your relationships and personal growth mean so much. Let’s connect!

One Month Gold Package

The gold package is one month coaching package that includes three 45-minute coaching sessions, email support, and short term goal setting. It gives us time one on one to make sure you stick to a plan of action and follow through on it. .

*Best Value.

30-Minute Power Session

Let's get right to it! If you have a problem you need help with, but don't have the time for an entire hour or a coaching package, this is for you. These 30 minute sessions are built to immediately address your situation and put together a plan on how you should move forward.

60-Minute Extended Session

This private 60-minute session is customized for the full experience. We delve into your situation without restrictions on time, and find a way to help you get past whatever you may be dealing with. If time permits, we also will do a short Q&A to ensure you are confident moving forward..

Private Email Coaching

Don’t have the time for a virtual meetup? Email coaching is not only convenient, but it allows for us to follow up and communicate on how your progress is going. We communicate at your own convenience over 30 calendar days. Our communication will be just as detailed as a virtual coaching session.

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